Platinka vodka 750 ml

vodkaPlatinka is forged from the centuries of distilling traditions that come from the birthplace of vodka. Platinka is a new brand of Vodka that is made using the best natural ingredients and the most modern techniques resulting in clean, fresh and smooth taste. It starts its journey to your glass from artesian wells going to depth of over 780 feet that bring to the surface live water filled with minerals native to Belarus Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Natural Reserve) region. Platinka is then prepared using special methods that preserve its natural taste where the water is mixed with the highest grade alcohol based on 100% rye mash, which is distilled five times.
Unique smoothness of Platinka is achieved not only via traditional filtration processes that use active carbon, but also through an additional purification step with platinum impregnated filter elements. Platinum filtration is employed by only a few Eastern European distillers. Embraced by young and old generations of Belarus professionals for its exceptionally great taste that is equally enjoyable neat or as a cocktail base, this 21st century vodka satisfies the most sophisticated connoisseurs.

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